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The world appears to be in a rising chaos: we have major challenges facing this generation: population growth, climate warming, systems in disruption and systems in transition… etc.

What a great time it is to be alive!!

The rising chaos is real– it is a chaos of transition

Join the flow, this world is changing and a new phase is coming… 
A Quantum Jump in Frequency – A Quantum Jump in Reality:  

From unconscious to Conscious

From separate to Connected– Connected to All There Is

From existence to True Creation

We have the Choice…          

To Create a world of Abundance

To Create a world based on Unconditional Love–the Fabric of Our Being

We have the Choice to Love and Respect this Magnificent World and All that inhabit it–our fellow man, our co-travellers, the animals and the plants and this beautiful world itself.

We All have the Choice to Create the World of our Dreams

And how do You achieve this?

By You Stepping into Your True Brilliance.

Mariana’s purpose is to share this message.

She is a Visionary Messenger, Speaker & Author who inspires, encourages and points the way to Step into Your True Brilliance.

This message is for everyone who wishes to step in to the empowerment of their birthrightthe Totality of who they are.

It speaks to everyone who feels the pull to create a better world for themselves and their loved ones and all that we are connected to.

She has developed a blueprint of 3 Master Keys to help you accelerate your jump to Your Truth and Your Brilliance.

The Three Master keys are:


1. ConsciousnessTrue Consciousness

2. ConnectionTrue Connection

3. CreationTrue Creation


If you wish to be inspired, book Mariana to share her message and hear to her speak about what you what you need to know to quantum jump into Your True Brilliance and influence this world for the better.


Speaking Topics

Mariana can deliver a customised speech to your audience on the following topics. Feel free to reach out to Mariana and enquire if you have any questions in regards to the length of the presentation. Every one of her speeches can be customised to suit your audience and provide them with a transformational experience that enriches their lives.


Step Into Your True Brilliance


Mariana’s signature speech that will elevate your audience’s vibration, help them take quantum leaps and live your magnificence.

Length: 30 Min -45 Min


Step Into Your True Brilliance

First Master Key: Consciousness – True Consciousness

Length: 10 Min- 20 Min


Step Into Your True Brilliance

Second Master Key: Connection – True Connection

Length: 10 Min- 20 Min


Step Into Your True Brilliance

Third Master Key: Creation – True Creation

Length: 10 Min- 20 Min


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