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About Mariana

Mariana is a Messenger, Author and Speaker. Mariana‘s work is about Life and Truth. It is about reconnecting people to True Consciousness, True Connection and True Reality.

Her book  Life—the Dance of the Divine delights, inspires, activates and shifts readers through the experience of the writings to make quantum leaps in their lives and the understanding that comes with it.

Mariana says she is not here to teach, for at a core level we already know Who We Are in Truth.

Rather, her work takes us to that place to remember and inspire us to step into our Truth and the Magnificence that is that Truth and that We Are.

Her beautiful writings in “Life – The Dance of the Divine” carry beauty, poignancy, wisdom and importantly, what Mariana calls “Aha Moments” when that Truth that we know at a deep level that We Are rises to Consciousness and the understanding and wisdom that comes with it. This she calls “The First Master Key.”

The Consciousness of this core Truth embraces profound Love and Joy, Wisdom and Purpose, Gratitude and the Magnificence of Who We Are as we step into a greater Truth and a greater world beyond the small mundane reality of our perception of separate individual lives.

This rise in Consciousness heralds a rise in Connection which Mariana calls “The Second Master Key.” The realisation of this Connection ripples out as a wave, starting in our immediate surroundings and expanding out to all Life on our extraordinary World and the Universe and beyond manifested creation to the Totality of Who We Are and the core vibration of Our Being.

Out of this profound indivisible Connection to All rises a deep sense of Being Home and our deep appreciation and gratitude for the elegance and magnificence of Reality and of Life – All Life.

And as our Connection rises so does our ability to Create as humans from the Core Essence of Who We Are. Mariana calls this “The Third Master Key.” This Third Master Key heralds a new phase on our planet.

Mariana has eloquently expressed this new third phase in two important prose

“Are You Enjoying our Dance?”

And their eyes turn to heaven and they smile for they know
Man and the Divine dancing the Sacred Dance of Life together
Pirouetting across Time and Space
Pirouetting across Time and Eternity

“Hello my Beautiful Ones–Welcome Home
What a Joy You Are
Have you enjoyed your grand adventure
Are You Enjoying Our Dance?”

And again in “What a Grand Journey We Travel”

“Then as we reach the end of our journey – the Greatest Gift of All opens to us and
we smile to the heavens and bow as we start to Dance
The Dance between God and His Children
The Dance between Man and the Divine
The Dance between Heaven and Earth

And the Laughter can be heard and the Delight felt throughout Creation and the
And the Joy within merges to the Joy without
The circle is complete”

Mariana has accessed this reality, and her everyday life reflects this larger aspect of herself. She has a zest and a Love of Life and for Life. She says her profound Love and Connection to the ocean is a defining feature of who she is. She is also an astute business woman who loves a good laugh, great food and great company.

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