Buy the Book: “Life—The Dance of the Divine”

A Book that launches you into the experience of True Consciousness and True Connection and True Reality—Your True Home

These beautiful writings remind you of what you know and Who You Are

And what an extraordinary world we live in
And what an extraordinary life we live 


We are in an unprecedented and privileged time in history. You do not need to die! to go home—in fact you never left it—you just forgot!! 

My “Messages from the Divine” are precious messages from “Home,” from your True Reality, from that Divine aspect of You  that is calling to you and reminding you of who You Are.

So Live!! Live Life to the Fullness that You Are and bring that Brilliance that You Are here, into this privileged Life on this magnificent and precious world that we share.

This Truth is a mere realisation away, an “Aha!” moment away, a frequency jump away, a quantum leap in consciousness away, a blink away, a choice!    

So prepare to take a quantum leap into your Divine Life and enjoy deeper and richer connections with All that You Are and All That Is.

The beautiful and eloquent writings in this precious book take you beyond the mundane and obvious. They take you to the depth of wonder and beauty of Life that embraces us all and we are intimately connected to. They remind you and call to to you expand yourself beyond the world you think you know, to explore further, to dive deeper and to rememberremember who You Are and your profound connection to All.

When the pressures of modern daily life consume you—stop, take a moment and with over 200 beautiful pieces read, re-centre and reconnect. You can dip in and out at random if you choose, and feel as refreshed and inspired as if you have taken a swim in the ocean.

“Life—The Dance of the Divine” reminds you to stop… to take note… to remember… And to Dance!





What people say about the book…


“The very first time I heard Mariana’s “Life – The Dance of the Divine” I found myself transported into a deep meditative state. The Divine Essence and power of her words touched the very fabric of my soul and it was during this state of being that I felt immediately connected to God and Creation. The imagery was quite intense in my mind. I’m grateful to Mariana for taking me on such a special journey.

Her words are beautiful and inspirational and they created, for me, a magical moment in time. A place, I will revisit regularly. Thank you Mariana for bringing forth these messages of the Divine Light to us all and reminding us of who we are and what we are here to experience in this lifetime.”

Carol J Argent, Designer Jeweller / Sculptor



A message from Mariana…



Embrace quantum growth and step into your Brilliance!


“Life—The Dance of the Divine”

 A precious gift to help you experience greater Joy and Love and connection, wisdom and purpose as you step into Who You Truly Are and start to Live Life as authentically You. As you do so the Brilliance of your own Life becomes the catalyst for creativity, genius and innovation and the driver for you to make a difference for the better for yourself, your Loved Ones and All on this precious world that we all share and beyond.