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What Book Readers Say...

“I had the privilege to listen to Mariana as she read several passages of her book to me. It felt like the words were speaking directly to my soul—to that place deep inside of me that is as fragile, wondrous and precious as that of a little child.

It reminded me that it is ok to be vulnerable and sensitive… and to explore my gifts with even more effervescence than I had previously dared. This book touches a forgotten part in our soul, sparks it with a loving hug and tells it to not be afraid.”

Monika Mundell

Client Attraction Alchemist™

As a leader in this Golden Age of Transformation, Mariana is here to help human beings realise who they truly are. Through the power of her presence, writings and spoken word, Mariana sets up a portal for you to quantum jump into the Fifth Dimension of Reality.

Until you personally experience this quantum jump, no words can describe the feeling of Divinity and Wholeness of Being that awaits you. You will love what a connection with Mariana, in the form of her books and speaking engagements, can do for you. I highly recommend, you taste and see for yourself!"

Michelle Stanton

Author, Speaker & Teacher of Manifestation at Your Command

“The very first time I heard Mariana’s “Life – The Dance of the Divine” I found myself transported into a deep meditative state. The Divine Essence and power of her words touched the very fabric of my soul and it was during this state of being that I felt immediately connected to God and Creation. The imagery was quite intense in my mind. I’m grateful to Mariana for taking me on such a special journey.

Her words are beautiful and inspirational and they created, for me, a magical moment in time. A place, I will revisit regularly. Thank you Mariana for bringing forth these messages of the Divine Light to us all and reminding us of who we are and what we are here to experience in this lifetime.” 

Carol J Argent 

Designer Jeweller / Sculptor